Bespoke Access Panels

Bespoke Portfolio

Profilex offers any access panel that a project may require. For example:

  • Circular access panels (Round access panels) 
  • Tiled door access panels Double door access panels 
  • Triangular access panels 
  • All our off-the-shelf panels can become a base for a bespoke panel with size/ lock/ door or performance adjusted to the unique demands of your project 

We offer sizes from 150mm x 150mm to 2200mm x 2000mm (please state hinge side first). Please use the guide from the brochure to design your bespoke access panel.

Bespoke Team

We offer a dedicated team who work solely on our bespoke access panels orders.

The team are always there to answer your queries, technical issues, quote a price or update on the order status. 

They will send you a quote within one working day (and usually quicker) and will always answer your calls and emails.

Bespoke Service

The bespoke service we offer:

  • Quote response – next working day
  • 10-15 working days delivery lead time (longer dependent on design)
  • Free of charge delivery to your site (orders above £50) 

The dedicated bespoke access panel team phone number: 0115 984 9116 

Fax number: 0115 984 9156 


Technical enquiry about your bespoke panels: 0115 984 9116

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About Access Panels

Metal, plastic & circular panels, frames and locks - explained simply and quickly.

Installation & Videos

Watch our videos and read detailed guides on how to install Profilex access panels.

Technical Data & CAD Drawings

CAD drawings for our entire range to help you specify easily and with confidence

Specsure® Guarantee

All Profilex Access Panels are fully covered by the SpecSure® Lifetime Warranty.